Clown Nature mit Nicolas Cambas

CLOWN NATURE. (Veranstaltung von Lissy)

Take your clowning to a deeper level in this 3 day intensive summer clown workshop with Nicolas Cambas. Training for initiated and beginners that will take place in a room and in the Donau! Yes, we will go out to clown to the summer, engage with nature and other people, and enjoy a real experience in real time with a real audience.

We are going to work in puntual technical aspects that will help you share and live your clowning state in powerfull ways. We are going to walk together in the process of connecting with our foolish side, enjoy the present moment playing with others, and develop techniques and insights that will launch us directly to the pleasure of being ourselves with our gifts and shadows.

During the work we will focus in personal and grupal issues with the objective of removing the layers that drive us away from our more authentic and extra-ordinary self.

It´s not necesary to have previous experience and it is welcome also

Each participant receives a professional red nose.
The vagues are limited. Reserve with anticipation!

Date & Time
30 August-1 Sept 4-8 pm.

Adress & Location
Wohnraum Künstlergasse
Künstlergasse 14/1
1150 Wien

About the teacher
Nicolas Cambas. Argentina, 35.

He’s been clowning around the world for the last 15 years. Clown, scene director, actor, musician, dancer, pedagogue. He has taught and performed in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Estonia, Finland, England, Switzerland, Romania, Israel and Palestine.
Nicolas collaborated in different theatre groups, and also created and staged 2 monologues: „Cantos Cuentados“and „Carloncho“. He is developing the project „Cia Wunderbar“ together with the Austrian artist Magdalena Haftner. His last scene direction for the professional theatre company from Colombia „Infusion Compañia Teatral“ merging elements of excentric clown and contemporary dance was defined by the critic as „Clowntemporary“
In his performances and classes he looks into points of contact between structure and improvisation, game and collective unconscious, laughing and healing, shamanism and paradigm change.
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Inscriptions & Reservations

Price: 150 Euro.

For inscription fill in this INSCRIPTION FORM, copy and paste it into an email to the following adress:



with a 50 Euro deposit bill (not refundable) in the following account:

Magdalena Haftner
IBAN: AT252011128737485300

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